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Coaching for Reproductive Mental Health

Coaching for Reproductive Mental Health

You have been suffering in silence, bleeding for weeks or haven’t had a period at all. In either case, your cycle is creating a lot of pain, discomfort and bloating. For some reason you still follow the doctor’s protocols, but it’s just not working. The doctor keeps telling you nothing is wrong or that you are just experiencing normal changes until you have your first child. But, you ask yourself, How am I supposed to have a child if I don’t have a regular period?


Now the pain and discomfort is making you feel lost, hopeless and like you don’t have control over your body. If feeling depressed wasn’t enough, you are anxious all the time being worried about starting your period or leaking through your clothes. The depression and anxiety is creating a mental space that is making it hard to remain focused at work, struggling with simple tasks and having a ‘balanced’  life, but ‘balanced’ is a joke. 


The only 3 solutions you get from your doctor to get rid of the pain; 1. take out my uterus all together; 2. have some other medical procedure; and/or 3. take more pills. As you try to decide, you have more anxiety about trying to decide which option is best for you and you also find out there are more problems that one really talks about. You just want help from someone who understands…it’s that easy!


Hi, I’m Shawna, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a wife of a first responder, a fibroid warrior, a mom of two tiny humans, Holistic Women’s Wellness Educator, Womb Wellness Coach, Womb Light Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Yoni Steam Facilitator. There have been many days I have experienced some of these same feelings. I was having severe and debilitating pelvic pain, heavy bleeding and an ever growing and protruding stomach. No one should have to go through life with pain, feeling hopeless about how to improve their health, have a negative self image or minimize their symptoms, just to suffer in silence.


Now, I help women with irregular and painful periods reclaim their cycle who want to avoid using birth control, other medications or having surgery to manage fibroids, PCOS, Endo, PMDD or other hormonal imbalances.  I offer a sacred space to learn, rebalance, release and recalibrate. I want you to reclaim your voice to awaken your warrior goddess to feel confident in your body, happier and have a more vibrant life!


If you are done feeling like a shipwreck inside and tired of appearing like ‘you have it together’. If you are done living on an island with yourself and ready to reclaim your cycle, contact me for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL consultation at 512-668-4441 or click below to find what has been keeping you from living your best life and what would help you rebalance, release and recalibrate your body today.


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