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Counseling for First Responder Spouses

Counseling for First Responder Spouses

You love your partner, who happens to be a first responder. You knew times would be tough, but you weren’t prepared for the emotional and physical toll on you. You are feeling disconnected from your partner because of the shift differences, which feels like you don’t have support. The high stress and unpredictable nature of your partner’s job, leaves you feeling like your life is in shambles. Your interrupted sleep leaves you feeling exhausted, unmotivated and in pain.


You carry the weight of your home life and your kids, which leaves you frustrated, easily agitated, annoyed and you start to lose your patience with yourself and others. You try to escape your feelings by attending to your own career, but only to find out that you carry the weight there too. You feel like everyone around you is not participating in their life, which affects your life. You try not to make waves with others, especially with your first responder partner.


One day you wake up thinking, what am I doing and how did I get here? You know that you are depressed, but really haven’t done anything about it because you still go to work and show up for others everyday. You are concerned about some of your negative thoughts, but part of your mind is telling you, everything is ‘fine’. You struggle with simple tasks and having a ‘balanced’  life, but ‘balanced’ is a joke.


You are very aware of self-care, know the importance of it and know what you would tell your best friend, yet you have trouble taking your own advice. You feel that you can’t reach out for help because you are afraid of what will happen with you or your partner’s job, but you know you need help. It’s a lot to build and navigate a life with someone who’s life is always in danger or their job is criticized by others who don’t understand, but you are important too.


Hi, I’m Shawna, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a wife of a first responder and a mom of two tiny humans. There have been many days I have experienced some of these same feelings. I have felt overwhelmed with all the things or tasks on my plate while trying to keep up with the constant hustle of life. No one should have to go through life feeling burned out, blocked, undernourished, and lost.

Now, I help wives of first responders create a work-life ‘blend’ that they love while redefining self-care. I offer a sacred space to press pause on life, realign with your purpose and intent because your work and life boundaries have become blurred. I want you to reclaim your voice to awaken your authentic self to live a simpler, happier and vibrant life!


Therapy does not have to feel like another todo on the list, but more like a conversation with your closest girlfriend where you can be yourself, honest and vulnerable, but the difference is that you will get unbiased insight and guidance. My client’s say when they are in the room with me, they feel loved and understood. There will not be worksheets or homework, but easy actionable tweaks to implement in your everyday life, to reduce stress, increase focus and mental clarity.


If you are done feeling like a shipwreck inside and tired of appearing like ‘you have it together’. If you are done living on an island with yourself and ready to reclaim your voice, contact me for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL consultation at 512-668-4441 or click below to find what has been keeping you from living your best authentic life and what would help you redefine, realign and redefine your life today.


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