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Counseling for First Responders

Counseling for First Responders

You dedicated your life to become a first responder to serve your community and help others, but you forget to help yourself first. You started out loving your job and being proud of what you do, but over time you have become cynical and dismayed. With a change in your attitude, mindset and worldview, you now have developed this mistrust of others, don’t want to engage socially, have lost relationships and compassion for others.


The constant exposure to traumatic experiences, high stress and unpredictable nature of your job, leaves you feeling like you’re on high alert, stressed and anxious. You are feeling disconnected from your partner and like an absent parent because of the shift differences, which is creating a feeling of depression. You may be engaging in bad habits, but it’s contributing to poor sleep, creating health problems and leading to arguments with your partner.


You feel that you can’t reach out for help because you are afraid of stigma, retaliation and the appearance of looking weak. You are concerned about how your job will be impacted and tarnish, if you do ask for help. But, you are worried you can’t keep doing this work without a new strategy. You feel stuck!


Hi, I’m Shawna, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I help women who work in high stress/high risk occupations, such as First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatch, Former Military), Medical Professionals, Teachers, Attorneys, Counselors and First Responder partners who are struggling with feeling burnt out, unheard, overwhelmed and under appreciated, so they’re looking for a counselor who can relate to them and also understands the work culture stigma and family dynamics influencing the lack of self-care. I am also a wife of a first responder and a mom of two tiny humans. There have been many times I have experienced some of these same feelings while trying to help others


Now, I help first responders create a work-life ‘blend’ that they love while redefining self-care. I offer a safe, non-judgmental and sacred space to help you reduce stress, learn to regulate your emotions, feel more grounded and boost resistance while dismantling the stigma. I am here to help you create your own path back to ‘normalcy’’ to live a calm and happier life! There will not be worksheets or homework, but easy actionable tweaks to implement in your everyday life.


Are you ready to end survival mode, create a better work-life ‘blend’ and ready to tackle the consistent feelings of worry and doom, then contact me for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL consultation at 512-668-4441 or click below to find out how counseling and the right counselor can make a difference in how you feel today, tomorrow and beyond.


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