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  • Online Counseling & Coaching for Women Navigating Fibroids, PCOS, Endo, PMDD, Hormonal Imbalances & Infertility

    A Mental, Spiritual, Energetic and Cycle-Centered Healing for Reproductive Mental Health

    Always Supporting First Responders and Other Helping Professionals

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RootEd Warrior Wellness is a 100% online counseling practice providing affordable and personalized services throughout Texas. 

Today you woke up thinking something has to change because you have been feeling burnt out, unheard, overwhelmed and under appreciated. You feel like your life is out of control and just plain chaotic. The emotional and physical toll has been a roller coaster of waves, creating more anxiety and depression. You have tried ‘quick fixes’, but you are finding that those fixes are not sustainable or even healthy. Know that you need help, but you find that you feel overwhelmed about where to start and that is more than you can bear right now.

Be relaxed. Be rejuvenated. Be restored. Be rooted.

Trying to find the right counselor for your anxiety and depression is tough. My name is Shawna Lovin and I specialize in working with women with reproductive health issues such as fibroids, PCOS, Endo and PMDD, hormonal imbalance and infertility who are struggling with their mood and not sure what next steps to take.

I also help women who work in high stress/high risk occupations, such as First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatch, Former Military), Medical Professionals, Teachers, Attorneys, Counselors and First Responder partners who are struggling with feeling burnt out, unheard, overwhelmed and under appreciated, so they’re looking for a counselor who can relate to them and also understands the work culture stigma and family dynamics influencing the lack of self-care.
I have an understanding of what is fueling the anxiety, depression and how that is impacting your life. I am here to help you find the calm in the storm.

Counseling does not have to feel complicated or a complex operation. It is a collaborative journey to enrich your life. Using an integrative holistic, nature-based, mindful, and Solution Focused lens, these approaches offer experiences to help you focus on the “here and now” and find solutions to improve both mental well-being and physical health to live sustainability well. 

Are you ready to get relief from anxiety, depression and love your work again, then contact me for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL consultation at 512-668-4441 or click below to find out how counseling can offer valuable insight for your journey into sustainability well-being. 


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About Me

Hi, I’m Shawna, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a wife of a first responder and a mom of two tiny humans. I specialize in working with females who work in high stress/high risk occupations and First Responder partners to stop feeling overwhelmed to start prioritizing their self-care. 

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